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When two passions meet

This wine is a tribute to Diego García de la Huerta Sutil, a nephew I loved like a son and whose untimely departure we will mourn forever.

Diego was our winery’s first winemaker and inspired our style of wines. Each one is the fruit of a labor that he began, work that has endured and improved in the time since he left us, and it has always upheld his belief that “the truth is in the origin.”

Mixtio, from the Latin word for blend, symbolizes Diego’s two great passions: winemaking and aviation. And this wine is also the perfect combination of the best viticultural and enological practices with the great feeling and dedication that the winery team brought to crafting it.

The label is an abstraction of the aerial view of our vineyards much as Diego must have seen it as he soared through the sky in his own plane.

I hope this wine accompanies you on your special, unforgettable occasions, like those we have enjoyed while crafting it and bringing it to you.


This wine is made with three varieties that grow in different vineyards of our property. They are located in three different latitudes of our country’s wine-growing region, separated from each other by more than 750 kilometers.

Maule Valley-Cauquenes: Petit Verdot (35°53’27’’ S / 72°03’39” O)
Los Conquistadores vineyard is located in the Maule Valley, 20 kilometers north of the city of Cauquenes, and is planted next to the Cauquenes river. Its soils are of granitic origin, gravely, with the presence of red clay. Rich in quartz, they have a low content of organic matter. All along the growing season, the climate is persistently hot during the day, with fresh nights and winds that blow in from the coast.

Colchagua Valley: Cabernet Franc (34°27’10” S / 71°22’56” O)
Our San Jorge vineyard is found in the heart of the Colchagua Valley. It is planted on the south bank of the Tinguiririca River, 55 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and 45 kilometers from the Andes Mountains. This is also the place where our winery is located. Further away from the river, where Cabernet Franc is planted, soils are deep, heavy and clayish, with good humidity retention and of medium fertility. The 26-year-old vines are planted at low density, trellised to the vertical shoot position and managed with a Californian surface irrigation system.

Limarí Valley: Syrah (30°38’25’S / 71°24’30’O)
The grapes for our Syrah wine come from our vineyard near the village of Tabalí. It is situated in the coastal sector of the Limarí Valley, 23 kilometers in straight line to the Pacific Ocean, at 205 meters above sea level, on the 30th parallel. The vineyard is planted on the south bank of the Limarí river, on an amphitheater-shaped slope with diverse angles of exposure towards north. Soils are alluvial with different levels of clay on the surface. Throughout its deep profile, it is possible to find rounded stones and veins of calcareous material, mainly composed by calcium carbonate. Its cool coastal climate is strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean, with very bright days and winds that blow in during the evenings.
This moderates the temperatures during the ripening period of the grapes, allowing for a slow progress of maturity allowing for great concentration of aromas and flavors.

The 2011-2012 season was warm and dry and, depending on the different varieties, showed moderate to low yields. The main characteristics of this vintage were the high minimum and maximum average temperatures, mainly during February and March, and the low rainfall from October to April. We planned very well the hydric management which allowed for good sanity of the fruit.

A blend of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, Mixtio is a wine, with pleasant aromas of red and black fruits, distinctive of the varieties that give life to it. Its fruitiness is well integrated with notes of sweet and black spices, such as vanilla, nutmeg and pepper. Very intense on the palate, it shows a great balance between its volume and its robust tannins, all well integrated during its long aging for 24 months in new French oak barrels and its more than 5 years of resting time in the bottle.

Diego was Viña Sutil’s first winemaker, nephew of Juan Sutil, founder of the winery whose untimely departure is mourn forever by his family, friends and by all the “Sutil team” that had the opportunity to work with him.
Diego inspired our style of wines, which are the fruit of the work he began and that has improved over time while maintaining his legacy: “the truth is in the origin.”
Mixtio, from the Latin word for blend and is our tribute to Diego. It symbolizes his two great passions: winemaking and aviation and the the label is an abstraction of the aerial view of our vineyards much as Diego must have seen it as he soared through the sky in his own plane.

Game (such as venison or boar), lamb, mushrooms and truffles. Ripe cheeses

Service Temperature: 16°C

Decanting: One or two hours before drinking it

Cellaring: Drink now or up to 10 years


60% Petit Verdot (Cauquenes)

25% Cabernet Franc (Colchagua)

15% Syrah (Limarí)

Alcohol: 14,5% vol.

pH: 3,5

Residual sugar: 3,5

Total Acidity: 5.2

Aging: 24 months in new French oak barrels and 5 years in bottle

Barrels: News French oak